Answercast allows you and friends to play board games that require everyone to submit an answer, without having to use pen and paper!

Instead of writing down answers on paper, everyone submits their answers using a smart phone or tablet. Then the answers are scrambled and revealed on each device. Connect any other device with a screen as a Viewer so you can project the results to an entire room. Google Cast functionality is coming soon!

It’s the perfect companion for games such as “The Game of Things” or “Loaded Questions” and many others.

Compatible Board games

Board games known to be enhanced by the usage of this app

  • "The Game of Things" by Parker Brothers
  • "Loaded Questions" by All Things Equal, Inc
  • "Balderdash" by Mattel
  • Fictionary / The Dictionary Game
  • "Dictionary Dabble" by Patch
  • "Flummoxed" by Lagoon Games
  • "Wise and Otherwise" by WiseandOtherwise.com Inc